"We live as we move, a step at a time, and there is something in gentle walking that reminds me how I must live if I am to savor this life that I have been given"
Julia Cameron - Walking In This World

A local walk in the snow, some of it still falling. A popular doggy-walk for the fluffy one. He would've loved the snow, but he got stuck in Somerset...

Usually we do the walk in less wintry conditions. Where the path passes Fulforth farm, we have to be on the look-out for a bundle of farm dogs bravely attacking our Bichon (known to be in the 'toy' chategory at Crufts) and protecting their farm and people from it (sometimes their instincts make dogs extremely dumb). On this day, they were nowhere to be seen. Good thing the fluffy one wasn't with us then!

It started snowing fairly heavily, about 10 minutes into the walk - we couldn't see the valley! On a clear day one can see Durham Cathedral from the top of the hill. We did consider going back for about a second, but as we knew the walk very well, decided to follow our noses and plod on. And enjoyed every single plod!

We walked down the lane past Horn's House, turned right up Broom Street, left into the farm track to West Hall cottage and sort of guessed where the path might be (through experience) into Beech Wood. 

A magical landscape, snowy woods....

We had to take a short detour from our usual route through a gate, to try avoid seriously soggy, muddiness and cross over the field but almost got stuck in the
mud anyway, where the cows have churned and trodden the cold, wet ground into a kind of sticky soil-butter: there's a shell of a building, barn perhaps, where the animals shelter. Sometimes sheep, more often cattle. Pitch black ones. Beautiful animals, though quite covered in mud on this occasion.

Once through the mud and the next rickety gate, we went down another farm track, through a slightly sturdier gate and past Kay's Burn House, onto the solid tarmac of  the cycle/footpath alongside the A691, back to WG.
route, not to scale and not entirely accurate in terms of features
15.01.13 Before it started snowing
Snowy horse...nearing Fulforth Farm, started to snow shortly after
15.01.13 Mud sketch, Beech Wood
Snowy sheep
Charlotte in Beech Wood
15.01.13 In Beech Wood
I missed the dog - our dog. He's only a silly fluffy thing, very energegic (always up for a walk, whatever time, almost whatever the weather....he would look at you as if he really didn't understand why he should go out in pouring rain though), with a lot of stamina (he walked Hadrian's wall path with us in 5 days aged 4 months. Well, ran back and forth and all over the place. He seemed a bit destitude once we were back home, as if he was missing something but couldn't quite remember what. Same thing when we came back from a week's holiday in a yurt near Kielder.)(www.wildnorthumbrian.co.uk ) and he loves the snow. Even though icy snowballs form clinging to the fur on his bum and legs. He missed all that this year...not much snow in Somerset.

How incredible, the people and animals that become part of ones life, by chance or choice, and how life's a little lost without them.....

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