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We live as we move, a step at a time, and there is something in gentle walking that reminds me how I must live if I am to savor this life that I have been given"
Julia Cameron - Walking In This World
The day I decided to walk began quite innocently. 

But then out of the ether, a demand was made, by request I hasten to add, which turned out to be that one too many....... time and energy, albeit from an environment I'm usually quite happy to be demanded from. It seemed that other areas which had pressed in a bit over the past six months or so, simply took all I had, suddenly the reservoir was empty. I could just about survive with what I had left. That's what it felt like: Life's too heavy. 

I rebelled, said 'no'; I got in my car and drove. By the time I stopped an hour and half or so later, I fetched up in Staithes. 

I didn't walk far this day, just round and about. What was important about the ambling was the point where I understood that I needed to take control of all the havoc that was seemingly happening inside: the decision to walk was born. It clearly had been the right one, because since then there's been designs on my walking time, wether it be work, social or health, some which I can ward off, others which I can't.
30.12.2013 Staithes panoramic, tide out
I walked among the rocks, just looking, taking in the view, watching the anglers, scanning for features, thinking and keeping a beady eye on the incoming tide...
And when the tide came in (fast), I wombled around the village; along Cow Bar lane and wharf; up Cow Bar Bank onto Cow Bar Nab; along and across Roxby Beck,  following local footpaths and enjoying bonfire smells whafting over from the well-camouflaged allotments along the bank. 

Another time I might walk awhile along the Cleveland way, or totter up to trigpoint 49, or explore the Old Railway.

Another time.

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