"We live as we move, a step at a time, and there is something in gentle walking that reminds me how I must live if I am to savor this life that I have been given"
Julia Cameron - Walking In This World

James took me for a walk and I brought Dexter.
06.02.13 Dex and I surrounded by Cheviots
Dex' instincts, historically as a hunting assistant, makes him run fast through,
around and amongst tufts of tall and chunky grasses, ducking and diving,
twisting and turning,  no doubt to scare birds up into the air to be taken a
shot at. It's a joy to  watch. His sprees would normally last about 5 minutes.
His 'funny five minutes',  Cecilia (owner) calls it.

On this  walk, I did let him off his lead eventually, once the flocks of sheep were out
of range and behind cattle grids. His funny five lasted about 45. He didn't disturb anything remotely (they all probably heard us coming a mile already and was well beyond), but the joy of the goose chase emanated and oozed from his shiny slickness. He came back every time I called for a chummy well-done pat on the ribs, only to streak off again. 

Once we got back towards our parked car, I happened to notice the faded sign asking dogs to stick to the allocated paths as grouse were being farmed in the area. Dexter can't read and I wasn't looking for signs, so we didn't see it. Yet no harm was done, only abundant frollicking joy.

The witness of it was worth the 'tresspass'.

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