Summer's a good time to start a new thing, right? Even an English summer, which some say we've had for this year....well, I choose to be optimistic at the moment. Feel I need to be. The notion that we've had it for 2012 is just too depressing. I need a bit of hot and sunshine to function.

Anyway, this is my new thing for this summer. Having a website and blogging.
Figuratively speaking I dusted the dangles and demoulded the papercuts.

The minute it was sweltering with heatwave we hoyed the dog, some towels and a picnic in the boot and drove to a 'new' location for a spot of wild swimming. It was a hot one and half hour drive over the moors, but worth every mile. Picture this..... actually, I'm not going to describe it: see for yourself!
We weren't the only visitors. One guy who obviously came to photograph the falls, took some photos of us frolicking and generously e-mailed them to us.
With rocks and pebbles abounding, I just had to stack some and play with
Went home with a knacked-out wet dog, sun-burnt faces and happy happy happy to have started playing again.

(all images © Hannelie Grobler)



06/05/2012 2:25pm

Marvellous website, really - and welcome to the blogosphere!

06/08/2012 1:40am

high praise indeed, coming from you :-), thank you!

Piet Grobler
06/06/2012 4:30pm

I love this! Love the mandalas

06/08/2012 1:41am

Can you hear me beaming through cyberspace? :-D

06/08/2012 2:49am

No, truly, Hannelie - it's so good to see a site that looks as good as its content. And one where all the graphics work properly and so on. Hats off to you both!

06/10/2012 6:34am

Hey Hannelie, your stuff is amazing. I particularly like the trees in winter with their snowy trunks all patterned. That's the photo that made me go "Wow"


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